Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sony Ericsson G700i: Style in a redefined manner

Sophisticated mobile phones for the smart generation is the hall mark of the way the Sony Ericsson thinks. This has crafted a number of 3G Smartphone which comes in a solid candy bar shaped casing and attractive style. The latest G700i is its splendid creation. The casing of this latest mobile phone is available in a distinctive silk bronze coloured casing which makes this handset look classy & elegant in design.

The casing of G700i is easy to carry & use as it measures 13 mm in depth, 106 mm in height & 49 mm in width. It weighs only 99 grams including the fitted battery. The frontal view of this model is dominated by its 2.4 Inch touch screen and displays up to 262K colours with an enhanced screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The touch screen of this handset allows the user to make menu selection, select features & input text smartly. The user with the help of fingers or a stylus to control the touch screen activation, can enjoy a hassle free operation. This model is a lineage of the G range and has been designed with usability in mind.

Packed with the Symbian™ based operating system, the Sony Ericsson G700i is all about style and performance. TheG700i comes with highly useful Smartphone features like the handwriting recognition feature, document reader & a document editor. The 3G technology offers the user high speed internet services & high speed data transfers which are up to 384 kilobytes per second. The 3G technology synonymous with third generation network allows the user to enjoy video streaming, high speed Internet surfing & mobile email services . The user can connect their G700i to compatible devices using either a wireless Bluetooth® connection or a USB cabled connection to transfer files, images or music. The tri band GSM network with UMTS 2100 support of this mobile phone allows the user to enjoy roaming though out Europe & the majority of the US.

A built in Opera™ Web browser of the Sony Ericsson G700i provides the user with access to the world wide web & the user can enjoy high speed web surfing without any problem. This mobile phone is packed with with 160 megabytes of internal user memory. The phone also comes with a memory card slot which allows the user to add a Micro™ M2™ memory stick to expand the memory further to meet the storage needs. A fitted battery of this handset can provide up to 12 hours GSM talk time or 5 hours UMTS talk time from a fully charged battery. The battery offers approximately 380 hours worth of standby time or 2.5 hours worth of UMTS video call time to the user.

The easy to use, built in 3.2 mega pixel camera of the Sony Ericsson G700i allows the user to snap & capture their memories as a still picture or when in video mode the user can recording moving footage using the video recording specification. The built-in camera is complete with a 3 x digital zoom & a photo light to brighten up those darker surroundings. The photo fix camera feature of the camera allows the user to get the best quality picture as the photo fix feature can adjust the light balance and contrast of the photo. The built in image stabiliser specification helps the user to capture still pictures & video recordings knowing that the smaller hand movements will not affect the overall quality of the image or video recording. The user can select the red eye reduction feature when he is taking a picture of a person & using the flash.

The Sony Ericsson G700i supports Bluetooth® stereo A2DP to allow the user to enjoy a wireless connection to their compatible headphones. The built in PlayNow™ specification helps the user to download music within three clicks which is the quickest & easiest way to download favourite music. The Sony Ericsson G700i comes with a Mega Bass™ bass frequency feature & a TrackID™ music recognition feature for the ease of music lovers.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sony Ericsson W910i: Trendy yet dynamic!

Sony Ericsson W910i is an incredibly stylish phone hat belongs to the famous Walkman series by Sony Ericsson. This phone is a complete package, as it is packed with advanced functionalities and astounding looks. Catering to people who are looking for a stylish and trendy phone with dynamic and latest features; this mobile has definitely won the laurels of their mobile users by the high class performance. This phone is designed to define perfection. This advanced version of the various Walkman phones is inclusive of many happening features which are user friendly and hassle free to use. This ultra stylish phone comes with a slider mechanism enhancing its looks.

The total weight of this phone is only 86 grams and it measures 99.5 mm high 50 mm wide and 12.5 mm thick making this handset exceptionally sleek and very comfortable to carry for the user and smoothly swoop it in the pocket. In order to add more appeal to the beauty of this phone, Sony Ericsson Mobiles has made it available to the users in two very attractive colours Hearty Red, Nobel Black, Havana Bronze, and Silky White. It also has the stainless steel detailing along with a 2.4 inches wide TFT screen that is capable of producing a high quality resolution of 240 x 320 pixels along with 256 K colours. The phone a smooth keypad and easy navigation buttons.

This Walkman phone has some other brilliant features like it supports GRPS, EDGE and UMTS which allows fat and speedy web browsing experience for the user. One of the best parts of this phone is that it also supports the HSDPA technology that speeds up the processing and transferring of files. Sony Ericsson W910i has an option of USB and Bluetooth connectivity as well, that helps you connect the phone with your personal computer to download or upload your favourite songs or any other data like pictures, songs, games and many more.

This graceful handset is capable of storing more than 8000 songs. The user can effortlessly upload and download songs with the help of the USB connectivity feature of the phone. All you need is to connect the phone with your personal computer with the help of the data cable that is available with this handset. This mobile is more like a music device and is the best way to get you entertained, since listening to music is preferred by everyone. Listening to Music on this phone refreshes your mind especially when the sound quality is impeccable. This sound produced by the W910i is distortion free and very soothing.

The user has the option of using this music device to explore the photographic skills in you. With the help of the 2.0 megapixel camera you can capture all your precious moments of your life. The camera is supported by a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels which delivers bright and clear images. The phone has a secondary camera which is basically used for the purpose of videocalling. The device is incorporated with 40MB of internal memory that makes it stand a step ahead of its competitors with similar phones.

The main attraction of Sony Ericsson W910i is the integrated Shake control button. This feature is essentially used to shuffle the play list and change the order of the music tracks. The motion sensor that is present in this handset allows the user to change the track according to the direction. This multi-utility device has a lithium polymer 930 mAH battery which is responsible for 9 hours of constant talk time and a stand by time of more than 400 hours, which is pretty good for a phone comprehensive of so many features.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Motorola W208 proves to be contemporary in style and technology

These days Motorola is a brand that is well known in the mobile phone market. It is only because of the consistent effort of every one dealing with this brand. Still, the brand is endeavouring its best to deliver better. Perhaps, it is a reason why it has been successful to compete in the mobile phone market. Another reason that makes this brand enjoy a certain folk of consumers is its quality. As motorola mobiles is typically equipped with user friendly functions it is always contemporary.

Motorola W208 is a compact set that comes in a classic shape. It is available in red and silver. It has been designed in a way that helps users enjoy during leisure and work as well. Besides the common basics applications it has got many other facilities. It weights 78 grams and it is 14.9mm in thickness. Thus, it helps users to carry it easily in their pockets. Its screen provides 65k colours and has a 128 x 128 pixel screen resolution. The wall paper and screen saver can be changed by users to suit their taste. Its screen helps user to get information regarding the battery life and signal strength which is always on display. This mobile phone functions on a dual band network and it automatically switches between GSM 900 and GSM 1800. The standby of its battery is about 300 hours which provides talk time up to 7 hrs 50 min.

The FM radio in-build in it entertains the users with music features on the move. It can be relished with either the speaker system or stereo headset. Motorola W208 is available with a 2.5 mm headset jack that helps users connect their set with other set of headphones. Users can have access to music, news and weather reports via radio stations of their choice on the FM. Its changeable ring tones can be heard in polyphonic sound. The user can add their creativity to its ring tones with the composer equipped with it.

It also aids users to get vibration alert with the vibration alert facility. This particular feature can be enjoyed with a ring tone or without it. Users can also enjoy the loaded games during leisure. The calender feature in Motorola W208 is equipped with events reminder facility. It helps users to remind themselves of appointments, birthdays, holidays or any other dates or occasions. The phone book feature helps users store contacts details and update or delete them as well. The maximum number it can store is 200. This mobile phone has alarm clock, a calculator and a stop watch features to help user in times of their typical needs. The v-card feature in it helps users keep track of their work colleagues.

A good news regarding Motorola W208 is its easy availability at industry leading costs. Network service providers are offering contract deals on the use of the mobile handset. As such it has become easy to make the most of these deals and acquire this handset and enjoy the interesting options that come with it.

HTC Touch Diamond - The perfect combination of elegant style and world-class features

When it comes to the high-end and world-class feature-rich mobile handset, then the name of HTC comes first in the mind. They have a lion share in the global market for their outstanding quality mobile phones. All their models come with advanced and highly-useful features that adds a unique fashion statement to the user's personality. Their newly launched HTC Touch Diamond handset is not an exception.

This 3G HSDPA 2100 network enabled handset comes with a very light weight in just 121 grams. The light weighted phone posses sleek dimensions of 102 x 51 x 11.5 mm by which you can easily carry the handset by taking it the tight pocket of your jeans. You will definitely be thrilled by seeing its highly fashionable design which comes with gorgeous black colour. The whole combination looks so stunning that anybody would be attracted towards it.

You will enjoy browsing all its user-friendly features and view the output at its 2.8-inch TFT touchscreen which supports 65K colours and a resolution of 480 x 640 pixels. For simplify your communication, the handset comes with the TouchFLO 3D finger swipe navigation, Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, Touch-sensitive navigation controls and the Handwriting recognition features. These are modern and truly advanced features that will help you to stay high-tech.

By having the HTC Touch Diamond handset, you will be able set your ringtones in 40 channels Polyphonic, MP3, WAV and WMA formats. If you have the need to keep numerous numbers of contact details then this sophisticated handset will help you a lot by providing a practically unlimited entries and fields enabled phonebook that is compatible with photocall feature. Additionally, this elegant handset also helps you by record unlimited number of call details.

If you need to access Internet while on your move then the HTC Touch Diamond handset will also serve you better. Because of its class 10 GPRS and EDGE technologies you will be able to access Internet with high sophistication. As the handset is equipped with Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 Mhz processor and 192 MB of DDR SDRAM, you will enjoy an extremely fast speed while operating the handset. You will also enjoy operating it for its Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system.

Apart from your business works you will also be able to get the ultimate entertainment thorough this handset. For its 3.15 mega pixels camera you will be able to capture exceptionally high quality photo and video. Its built-in autofocus technology allows you to capture digital camera alike photos. There is also a secondary VGA camera for making videocalls. You will also be completely thrill by listening to your favourite music at a high quality in its embedded music player. And don't worry about saving all your music, video ad video files into the handset. Because, it comes with 4 GB of internal memory that allows you to save hundreds of your music, video and picture files. You don't even have to bother about sharing your files with your friends and to your computers, as it provides you Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g WLAN, Bluetooth v2.0 and USB technologies.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Me and My Camera Phone

I still remember that day when I went to Poland with my gang of friends and on the way back, I misplaced my camera phone somewhere. I realised it only when I had to make an urgent call to the hostel warden. Since there was a power cut, I groped about my phone in the dark hostel room but in vain.

Someone knocked on the door and on opening the door; I encountered Sister Rosalind, my hostel warden. To my great surprise Sister handed me over the phone that I had forgotten somewhere in the Assembly Hall. The sight of the phone in her hand was the most unexpected thing for me. In the fraction of a second all my fears went out of the window as I felt relieved and overjoyed to receive it back.

My camera phone is no ordinary phone by any standards. This phone is extremely special to me. My Sony Ericsson K530i is a GSM-enabled camera phone. This phone was the one thing I wanted from the day it was first introduced in the market. My camera phone is studded full of smart digital functionalities that I find immensely useful. You must be wondering what makes this phone so special and what made me settle for this one as against the other mobile phones that are available in the modern day market.

Well, for starters, I liked this phone because of its stunning looks. My Sony Ericsson camera phone has a compact design with the dimensions of 102 x 46 x 14 mm and a light weight of 92 grams. This feature makes it extremely easy for me to carry it around to any place. The other distinguishing feature of my camera phone is its 2.5 x zoom that enables me to focus closely on the subject. In my holidays I go to picnic spots, click pictures. These pictures get stored in the phone's 16 MB shared memory. From day one of its arrival in my life, I have indulged in hour of photo clicking and video shooting. What's even better is the phone photo delete option that helps me delete unwanted photos.

Since I am into blogging my phone's WAP browser enables me to access the Internet in both the xHTML and the HTML (NetFront) formats. Then again the phone helps me to collect RSS feeds and share the photos with the help of the messaging services. I can also send picture images from my camera phone's memory on to my blog site. My family gets to see me in the video footage recordings that I shoot with the help of this camera phone.

WiFi Mobile Phone--A very good phone

From the very early age of my life I am a big fan of technologies. I do love the latest and innovative technology-enabled gadgets. For the last few years I am using my world-class feature rich mobile phone. This handset offers me all my desirable features like a good music player, a high-quality camera etc. By getting into the professional life I felt the need of faster connectivity technology, which my mobile was incapable to provide. Then I began searching about the Wi-Fi Mobile Phones and the information about them.

I came to know that the “Wi-Fi” is an wireless technology with IEEE standard for wireless Local Area Network set-up. Among all my friends and collogues this technology has become one of the most popular technology for the wireless communication in LAN. I think with the burgeoning demand of wireless network nowadays it is a necessity to manufacture such a mobile phone by which one could be able to communicate between two nodes using the same wireless network. Nowadays the mobile phone manufacturers have also introduces the Wi-Fi network capability to several handsets. Some of these mobile phones are equipped with the feature of making call via a combination of voice over internet protocol and Wi-Fi technology. I also came to know that there are some mobile handsets out there in the global market which uses Skype or Vonage technology for their voice over IP service such as the Belkin and Netgear WiFi phones.

To be very clear, I would say that the Wi-Fi Mobile phones are those handsets which are equipped with this latest technology. In the global marketplace there are numerous models are available with this technology. By having this innovative and very useful feature, I think the users will get the ultimate enjoyment of wireless connectivity with other compatible devices with a great ease.

In addition, the users also get thrilled by having the advantage of transferring and sharing their multimedia contents like the captured photo, music, video and several other contents with their friends and relatives at a faster pace. Now almost all mobile phone manufactures situated in the paradigm position such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung etc. are offering people this very advanced and highly useful feature with their handsets.

Music Mobile Phones : Now enjoy music while communicating

Whenever we talk of music mobile phones one name that straightway comes to our mind is Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson has always been associated with the quality music widgets. Their mobile gadgets besides being high in music department are also very performance-oriented. In addition to that Sony Ericsson also pays high attention to the grooming of their manufactured handsets. This is done so that the phones can suit to the tastes and preferences of modern customers. Due to their exceptional music features and sophisticated looks the phones from Sony Ericsson are so popular among the young generation.

Handsets like W660i, W750i, W760i and W580i are the handsets which are highly popular among the young people. Most of these phones come with trackID feature which helps the user to know all about the playing song. In other words, it gives all the information regarding to the playing track. Besides that they also come with built-in FM radio that allows the user to listen to their choice of music at their favourite music stations. The popularity of Sony Ericsson music handsets speaks volumes of their capabilities. One of their recent mobile widgets gives the option to the user to just shake up the phone and change the playing track. The sound qualities of Sony Ericsson is just terrific and even the built-in radio does not disappoints the user.

Only taking Sony Ericsson's name will not be justifiable. There are also other manufacturers in the market which are now trying to give Sony Ericsson phones a run for their money. One of them is Samsung, a world famous brand of Home appliances also in the market of mobile manufacturing. One of their set Samsung Beat450 is a music phone to reckon with. This phone is a sensational music device is very difficult to ignore. Its 3-D surround sound feature will allow the users to enjoy the ultimate music experience. It also has got the music navigation wheel. In addition to Samsung another premier home appliances brand ie LG has also launched some handsets that has got very extraordinary music features. Some of are the mobile widgets that come with one-touch MP3 player. This allows the user to enjoy the music without operating many functions.

Looking a tough competition in market in this field of music mobile phones, world renowned mobile phone manufacturers have also launched a range of music widgets. Hence today there is a flood of music mobile phones in the market and it entirely depends upon the customer which music phone he wants to purchase.