Thursday, March 22, 2007

Incentives Key to Mobile Marketing

MARCH 21, 2007, How hated is the thought of mobile marketing?

In theory, very hated.

Most people (90%) say that they are not at all interested in getting ads on their mobile phones, according to Harris Interactive.

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In theory, that leaves less than 10% of users as an audience for mobile marketing.

In practice, the audience is much larger. As with any medium, once mobile ads are associated with something of value, user interest shoots up. If incentives are involved, it shoots up considerably.

Think about the Internet a decade ago. There was still some debate as to whether companies should be on the Web at all — would corporate influence stifle the free flow of ideas on the fresh new medium? Once companies did move online, consumers were initially reluctant to give out personal information. It took incentives and opt-in agreements to overcome their hesitance.

Right now, mobile is the only interactive medium where the typical user pays for both the cost of network access and the content it delivers. Mobile operators and content providers are finding that besides early adopters and enthusiasts, it is tough to find buyers for paid mobile music downloads, let alone video and games.

Introducing mobile advertising into the revenue mix changes the picture. Many users say that they would be willing to receive mobile marketing in exchange for incentives, so offering free applications, subsidized airtime or other goodies makes sense.

Over a third of adult mobile phone users say that they are willing to accept incentive-based advertisements. Of these, 78% say the best incentive would be cash. Other incentives that resonate include free minutes, free entertainment downloads and discount coupons.

As for ad formats, over half (56%) of those who are at least somewhat interested in receiving ads on their cellphones say they would prefer to receive them as text messages, while 40% would like to receive them as picture messages. Less than a quarter of adults would choose to receive them as videos, while others would have them sent as e-mail, voice mail or something else.

eMarketer estimates that mobile ad spending in the US will reach $4.8 billion by 2011, up from $421 million in 2006.

eMarketer senior analyst and mobile specialist John du Pre Gauntt says that current mobile business models practically beg for an infusion of ad dollars.

"Despite the best efforts to convince people otherwise, there is no mobility 'premium,'" says Mr. Gauntt. "Over time, the justification for charging a 100%-300% markup on a piece of content or service simply because it is delivered over a radio channel will not wash when the same content is available online to be synched with a handset."

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Contract mobile phones: It doesn't get better than this.

Customers are the actual winner of the fierce competition among mobile network giants. In their bid to woo the customers by offering more than one another, they have brought down mobile phones cost and tarrifs to an all time low. Owning a mobile phone now a days is no longer about money, it is a matter of your consent.

While picking up a contract mobile phones from a vast range, decisions are not only based on just the make of the phone and the service provider but also by a lot of fringe benefits that comes with every deal. 3 Mobile, T Mobile, Orange, O2, Virgin, Vodafone and all other service providers in UK has been rapidly adding more and more perks and benefits to their contract mobile phone deals to out do one another.

Compared to pay as you go phones, contract mobile phones offers lower calls and data charges. Other than lower tarrifs, another great benefit in favor of contract mobile phones is the fact that you don't have to buy a mobile phone outright. Just pay a fixed amount for a period between 12 to 36 months in exchange of free call minutes and texts, by the end of the term, the phone is yours to keep. Better still, there are also options to upgrade your contract mobile phone and lots of such other flexibilities.

Selecting the right talk plan is very important before 'signing' for any contract mobile phone deals. Pick up a plan that suits your mobile phone usage habits. If you talk more and seldom send texts, opt for the plan that offers your maximum free minutes. Other 'perks' offered in contract mobile phones could be free insurance, gifts or more popular Cash Back.

Great savings and many more added benefits have made contract mobile phones very popular and tempting across the whole customer spectrum.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Motorola PEBL U6: A tribute to nature.

Design is 'the' element of Motorola mobile phones among other things that set them apart from all other manufacturers. If the Motorola RAZR family resembled a razor, Motorola SLVR boasted of its blade like dimensions. The Motorola PEBL U6 – as the name suggests, resembles a pebble.

Popularly known or 'made' known as MOTOPEBL, this petite clamshell with rounded edges and corners truly looks like an ultra smooth stone. The red Motorola PEBL U6 looks like a very rare stone and stands out compared to more 'natural' grey. Other colour solutions for the Motorola PEBL U6 are available too.

Stylishly flat keypad just like the RAZR doesn't rob away the comfort of use like the touch sensitive ones. External monochrome display remains largely hidden but is easily readable in any light condition. Primary internal screen is TFT based and delivers more than 262k colours. The one touch easy to open glide mechanism of the Motorola PEBL U6 deserves a special mention.

The integrated camera module of the Motorola PEBL U6 is VGA (0.3 megapixel) which is not much compared to the 2.0 megapixel norm. But it does its job well and very handy at times. Video recording in popular MPGE4 format is a good way of capturing special moments of life and later sharing it with someone who missed it. Interestingly, you can activate the camera through voice command. Other than that, you can set voice commands for making calls, redial or access Voicemail.

The Motorola PEBL U6 supports quad band GSM mobile networks and is functional in almost all corners of the world. Wherever you may be, enjoy mobile Internet with its GPRS Class 10 technology on the WAP 2.0/xHTML browser. You can share files or synchronize information with compatible external devices like your PC through Bluetooth wireless technology v1.2 or a bit more 'outdated' USB.

Motorola PEBL U6 is a great phone design that stands out and best suited for people who primarily used a phone for voice functions.

The Nokia 2610: Excellent entry level phone

The Nokia 2610 is a basic non camera phone in the Nokia's entry portfolio. The phone looks very strong and has a compact design. Enriched with premium features, the Nokia 2610 is most suitable for professional consumers. Being an entry level phone, it incorporates email features and mobile internet via WAP browser. Moreover, the phone also supports MMS and Xpress Audio messaging – allows users to record and edit messages on the move. And with a rubberised finish – the Nokia 2610 gives a tough look.

Available in three different colours, which include silver, black, and dusty pink – the phone looks stunning. Weighing only 92g, the compact design has a dimension of only 104 x 43 x 18 mm. The Nokia 2610 has a colour display with a mirror finish that comes with features including MP3 ringtones, voice recorder, and an integrated hands-free speaker. With an Organizer – users can view calender and an application for managing basic finances. And with 3MB of memory, users can enter up to 300 entries in the phone book.

The dual band phone comes with Flash connector, and WAP – enjoy mobile internet – send and receive emails on the move. Users can also select a particular ringtone to customize their phone. Keep in touch with friends and family by sending texts, and images. What's more, with embedded and downloadable games, you can refresh your mind whenever and wherever you go.

Like other Nokia phones, the Nokia 2610 is also very user-friendly as it offers large fonts, dedicated short cut keys and an array of features. The phone provides talk time of up to 3 hours and has a standby time backup of up to 12 days. For consumers looking for voice centric phones – the Nokia 2610 could be the best choice in all respects.

Motorola v3xx: stylish and feature packed clamshell

Built on RAZR technology, the Motorola v3xx with its legendary style is most suitable for fashion conscious people. The phone with its metallic finish and precision cut keypad is very thin and compact. Endowed with high speed data connectivity, multimedia capabilities and intuitive design, the Motorola v3xx is an excellent phone in terms of its form and functionality.

Powered by High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) and EDGE technology, the phone provides high speed data connectivity. Experience connectivity ease and browse the internet at high speed. Its a complete entertainment gadget -- the v3xx connects you quickly to the information that you are looking for. Combined with advanced technologies, the Motorola v3xx allows two way video calling at up to 15 frames per second, music and video downloads and lots more. With Bluetooth wireless technology, you can connect and share data wirelessly.

With HSDPA technology, users can check out emails and keep them updated with the latest news and information. Play your favourite tune and relax your mind – the Motorola v3xx comes with an integrated MP3 player with media finder for easy navigation of music. Download music tracks and listen to your favourite music on the move. Supported with TransFlash Memory Card – allows you to download more songs, video clips and images.

The Motorola v3xx comes with a clear 2.2 inch colour screen – provides a good platform for capturing some incredible moments on the go. With an in-built 1.3 mega-pixel camera, you can capture still images. Another VGA camera is used for video calls and for capturing motion pictures.

In the 3G category, the Motorola v3xx is very compact and lightweight phone as compared to its other counterparts. Weighing only 107g, the phone conceals all the advanced functionalities – giving the best of both worlds with its intuitive and stylish design.

Samsung X830: a cool swivel made for music

With more music phones in the mobile market, Samsung has also introduced the latest phone, the Samsung X830. When closed, the phone looks like a digital music player that displays the playlist, equalizer and song information. In fact, its a functional mobile phone with communications and music features. Swivel open the phone and explore unlimited possibilities with a soft touch of your fingertips.

This swivel designed phone is equipped with MP3 player. It has a TFT LCD screen at 128 x 220 pixels. The keypad is quite long and has 2x8 arrangement unlike the conventional 3x6. The tri band handset packs a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, MP3 player and 1GB of memory support. Though, there is no microSD or TransFlash memory card slot – but, 1GB is enough to store music tracks, videos and images.

Available in black, blue, candy pink, orange and green – the phone gives a stunning look. This is Samsung's good move towards launching a dedicated music phone in the mobile market. The Samsung X830 supports several music formats including MP3 and AAC – download songs and with a wireless stereo headset, enjoy listening music on the move.

This sleek and compact device never compromises with features. Loaded with a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, users can take snaps as well as MPEG4 videos. With Bluetooth, SyncML and USB – users can connect and share other devices for transferring data. What's more, with EDGE, GPRS and WAP – you can browse the internet on the go.

The phone comes with some special features including click wheel navigation, Black and White GUI, and dual interface (Music Player UI/ Normal UI). Weighing only 72g, the phone has a compact dimension of 84 x 30 x 19.9 mm. With both music and phone features, this Samsung X830 is an excellent mini gadget. Music soothes your senses and evokes memory – experience it and feel the difference.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Sony Ericsson P990i: all work and all play.

The Sony Ericsson P990i is one of the most anticipated phone since its status as a flagship model was announced more than a year prior to its actual launch. Built and marketed as an upgrade of Sony Ericsson's highly successful model – the P910i, the Sony Ericsson P990i includes many advanced features like 3G, WiFi, FM radio and an upgraded camera module.

The Sony Ericsson P990i is one of the better looking smart phone with a clean and classy silver casing. Though the large display of the Sony Ericsson P910i has been replaced by a 'smaller' 262k colour deliverable TFT screen in the Sony Ericsson P990i, the upgraded model features twin keypad – a numeric keypad that can be flipped to reveal the QWERTY keypad. Data entry through the touchscreen with a stylus and handwriting recognition as well as simpler navigation through a jog wheel makes the Sony Ericsson P990i very easy and swift to operate.

The handset works on Symbian Operating System 9.1 and plays host to a lot of premium business features. Other than advanced personal organizer functions typical of a smart phone, the Sony Ericsson P990i is a strong voice tool with features like integrated handsfree and conference calling. The device is also equipped with a VGA camera for making and receiving video calls across UMTS networks.

The primary camera module of the Sony Ericsson P990i is 2.0 megapixel. Pictures captured with it are great to say the least mainly due to the presence of auto-focus. Videos are captured at 30 frames per second which is very good compared to 15 frames per second videos by most of 'advanced' camera phones these days. Share pictures and videos of your special moments with your family and friends through email, picture blogging or MMS. This triband handset gives you unparalleled mobile and data connectivity at amazing speed across the globe.

The Sony Ericsson P990i is one of the very handsets that has managed to find the right balance in all departments – style, connectivity, features and entertainment.

Nokia 6070: Just click...for fun

The ever-growing demand for sophisticated mobile handsets have ushered a new era of innovation. The things have gone so far that every mobile handset manufacturing company is looking forward to release a unique handset, backed up by innumerable features. The Nokia 6070 also belongs to the category of advanced handsets with something special for everyone.

The Nokia 6070 is very well perfected in a sleek and classic design. To make it an user friendly handset, the Nokia 6070 comes with easy-to-use navigation keys to pave the easiest way for all the functions. On the other hand, the Nokia 6070 is endowed with various latest mobile applications, multimedia features and games. Besides its praiseworthy camera features, the Nokia 6070 has something for all.

Experience more with the Nokia 6070, as it would let you capture all those defined moments. As far as its camera features are concerned, it comes with an in-built 640 x 480 pixels VGA camera with superb video functionalities. Hence, you can enjoy video clips and quality pictures with this superb gizmo. After grabbing all those special moments, you can enjoy the ultimate viewing experience on its high resolution 65K colour screen with a detailed vividness. The phone comes with a 64 MB of inbuilt memory to provide you enough space for all photos and videos.

The Nokia 6070 is very well endowed with excellent music features to provide you consummate music experience. You can enjoy all your favourite tracks in the MP3 format. For more music, you can easily tune into its radio to get various sorts of music for unlimited thrill. Moreover, you can also share your music with your friends via Infrared, Pop-Port, and SyncML – hoard all your stuff to enjoy more.

The Nokia 6070 is truly a compatible device on the connectivity front. It supports the popular Tri-band technology to provide you seamless connectivity across the five continents. Besides it also comes with XHTML browser and supports EDGE technology to let you enjoy unlimited surfing on the web – like the way you want. Just bring your Nokia 6070 and take very good care of your fun side.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sony Ericsson M600i: For your business requirements.

For an onlooker, the Sony Ericsson M600i doesn't look like a business phone. But, just pick it up and go through its main menu and its a communicator with a high-resolution touch screen; push e-mail software; good document management capabilities; and more importantly high-speed performance. Another important feature, worth mentioning is its thumb-board, which contains a numerical keypad with a QWERTY layout for speedy text-input. Facilities for word completion and spell checking is a delight for an avid texter. A 3-way jog dial and handwriting recognition are other features of interest.

The mobile phone from Sony Ericsson has some matchless office utility applications. Functions like Word, Excel, Power Point editors and an Adobe PDF viewer allow you to work as you do with your personal computer. Work on important document without worrying, as VPN clients and other security firewalls enabled in the mobile phone keeps all files away from being hit by viruses. A high-resolution 262k colour screen makes browsing on the web more easier and speedier.

The Sony Ericsson M600i also supports good entertaining features to keep you entertained whenever, wherever you are. An integrated music player has support for all popular file formats which makes it easy upload all your favourite songs in your handset. Easy access to music functions and superior audio quality makes listening to music easy on the move. The gaming options available on the mobile phone is indulging.

Sony Ericsson M600i allows you to connect to other compatible external devices with Bluetooth, USB, and Infrared. An 80 MB internal memory with support for expansion using memory stick, you have more space to store all your files and other documents. Call management functions and facilities to manage contacts makes it a highly useful business tool.

Nokia 6280: Add 3G in your lifestyle

Third generation mobile phones are becoming more prevalent in the mobile market. Consumers are now preferring technologically advanced phones that can fit into their busy lifestyle – and obviously, with high data speed connectivity, 3G phones could be the best suitable choice. Many high brand mobile phones with 3G technology are available in the market but the only drawback with most of the third generation phones are their bulky nature. Though the latest 3g phones are now breaking such boundaries and are launching some sleek and lightweight phones in this category.

The Nokia 6280 being a 3G phone is lightweight as compared to other phones in the same category. The slider phone is enriched with advanced features and allows mobile user to take full advantage of 3G technology. Endowed with a 2.0 mega-pixel camera plus a VGA camera – users can enjoy capturing both still as well as motion pictures on the go. Moreover, users can also enjoy 3G services such as video sharing and video calls on the move.

With QVGA 262,144 colour display, the Nokia 6280 provides a good platform for shooting with a 2.0 mega-pixel camera. In addition to camera features, the handset also comes with Music player that supports several music file format including MP3 and AAC, a stereo FM radio, a Visual radio, and polyphonic ringtones – users can either play their favourite music or can tune in to their favourite radio station for all time hit music. Supported with 64MB of external memory – allows to download music tracks, images and video clips. Data sharing can be done via Bluetooth or USB.

The 3G handset with WAP, XHTML, EDGE, and GPRS provides fast internet connectivity. And with tri band network, the Nokia 6280 keeps you stay connected anytime. All-in-all, its a nice phone that provides high-end features and easiness.