Friday, September 7, 2007

Apple iPhone -supports industry-standard Wi-Fi security

Eversince the Apple iPhone has been launched; there has been a great furore and speculation all around. And with that it also raises many questions about the usability and features of the phone. So does the Apple iPhone make a good picture? Well read along to know what the entire device has in store.

The Apple iPhone is brilliant when it comes to design. The handset features a large touch sensitive screen, which includes all the keys and functionalities. The screen comes with good resolutions and makes an eye candy for viewing pictures, texts and graphics. Also, the screen comes with the ability to zoom and to resist finger prints and scratches. The make of the phone is simple, with a candy bar look – all wrapped with the smart black colour.

The Apple iPhone comes with an array of features. It features a good email system. The handset includes popular email standards — IMAP and POP3. More, the Apple iPhone works with most popular email services, including Google Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! Mail, and .Mac Mail. There is also a provision for Push emails.

The Apple iPhone also provides a lot of security features. There is a provision for 4 digit password to protect accessibility to the contents of the handset. For secure Internet access, Apple iPhone supports industry-standard Wi-Fi security and virtual private networking (VPN).

Other highlights of the phone includes 2 MP camera, with camera settings, a competent music player, messaging services like SMS, MMS etc a plethora of lifestyle features. For connectivity, the Apple iPhone includes Bluetooth, USB, EDGE, Wi-Fi. It runs on Quad Band network and has OS X Based Operating System. The handset offers 5 hours of talk time and is available in two capabilities – with 4GB memory and with 8 GB memory. The handset is compact as well. It measures just 115 x 61 x 11.6 mm.