Monday, January 28, 2008

Samsung D600 model handset comes ensuring the full satisfaction of the users

The new Samsung D600 model handset comes ensuring the full satisfaction of the users. It also has a camera feature with attractive features that makes it easy for the user to take excellent quality pictures. The hands free speaker facility makes it easy to make a call even while the user is busy with work.

The new Samsung D600 Chrome handset is an attractive mobile phone that comes with a compact and stunning design with a slide opening mechanism that succeeds in attracting the minds of fun loving and beauty conscious users. This handset from Samsung, the biggest name in the mobile phone market has a slide opening mechanism and its black and silver coloured casing is always a success among the handset users who are so conscious of sophistication. This user friendly mobile phone with highly useable features always targets the customers who are always in search of mind blowing features in their handset.

The attractive feature of the handset from Samsung is the 2 megapixel digital camera with a 4 x digital zoom and LED Flash facility. The user friendly camera feature guarantees the users of high quality photography. Taking good quality pictures on any time of the day will no more be a hard task as handset has the camera feature that assures pictures of high quality. It is possible for the users to display the photos on a QVGA TFT LCD 262k colour screen with 240 x 320 pixels resolution. The handset has a photo caller ID feature which will help in selecting photo, text or video to be assigned to each contact in the phonebook.

Other features carried by the handset include Bluetooth connectivity. The built-in Bluetooth connectivity present in the mobile phone supports the user by providing him the freedom to connect wirelessly to any other Bluetooth compatible device. The handset comes with a high quality sound with 3D sound technology. The user can comfortably enjoy the music on the built-in MP3, MIDI player with an excellent sound quality. The handsfree speaker facility present in the handset makes it easy for the user to make a call even while busy in office with the work. The stunning feature of the hands free speaker is its sound quality. The perfect quality makes it assured that he is able to hear the voice with quality.

The Samsung D600 Chrome model handset comes with a built-in memory of 81 megabytes that makes it easy for the user to save all his important photos, videos, messages emails and documents.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nokia 7900: for the fashion focused people

The Nokia 7900 is compact phone that comprises of comprehensive features like a 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player and high-end connectivity. With an element of style and fashion focused design it throbs a million hearts.

The beautifully designed Nokia 7900 enthrals the heart of millions. With a style and fashion focused 3G phone, Nokia is connecting people at large. No doubt, the designing of the phone appeals to users at first sight. Its stylish diamond patterns cut into aluminium casing and attractive diamond shaped cut keypad instantly attracts the attention of users.

The handset slips easily in the pocket and purse as the overall size is compact. The slim and sleek phone measures 112mm in height, 45mm in width and 11mm in thickness. The candy bar handset is entailed with multimedia capabilities and high-end connectivity. With its innovative designing, the handset is named as the Nokia 7900 Prism. The handset is style-focused phone that comes with an amazing light effect feature which makes it outstanding, as it allows users to customise the phone with forty nine different colours.

The screen of prism provides 16 million colours on an organic LED display which gives a mesmerising viewing experience. The two inch widescreen offers a high resolution as that makes the picture realistic and vivid. Thereby, capturing pictures and recording video from built-in 2 megapixel camera adds spice to the photography skills of users. The camera is packed with features that allow users to magnify the distant objects with an 8x digital zoom and flash mode sets to automatic on and off mode. The Prism supports video recording and video playback which can be played in QCIF, 3GPP, H263 or MPEG4 format.

The fun and entertainment in the multimedia features don’t stop here. The phone comes with a built in music player and an FM radio feature. The built-in music player allows music to be played on different formats like MP3, eAAC+ and AAC. Moreover, for sharing the pictures or music, the handset is enriched with a wireless Bluetooth and EDGE technology. The handset is backed with the quad-band technology of network that allows seamless connectivity anywhere across the world.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Samsung i550 - A GPS phone par excellence.

Mobile phones have become more innovative with the passage of time. Gone are the days of bulky handsets with limited options for messaging and calling. The latest mobile handsets come with high-end capabilities and sophisticated options. As a matter of fact, mobile handsets with specialized capabilities have become the latest craze among phone users across the world. The Samsung i550 is one such high end phone that can be used as a sat nav device. In this article, we get to know this Samsung handset a little better.

The i550 is a GPS phone that has been launched recently by Samsung. With this launch, Samsung has made its foray into GPS handsets; as a matter of fact, the Samsung i550 is giving a tough competition to leading players in this domain such as Nokia.

The handset can be used as a Sat-Nav or personal navigation device. The handset comes with in-built GPS receiver and dedicated GPS buttons that make this possible. These buttons are placed on the front keypad of the Samsung mobile phone - a fact that makes the gadget easy to use. The interface is quite innovative – which further optimizes user experience with this mobile phone handset.

The handset comes empowered with HSDPA technology; this means that users can enjoy download speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps. Among the multimedia capabilities of the handset, one needs to mention the 3.2 mega pixel digital camera, the FM radio options, a 2.6 inches screen and 128 MB of RAM. All these options ensure that there is never a dull moment with this Samsung mobile. One can listen to music, capture images and video clips, or download information from the internet without any hassle. Moreover, this Samsung mobile phone is Bluetooth compatible. One can use it to remain connected with other Bluetooth compliant devices.

To conclude, it can be stated that the Samsung i550 is a sleek Samsung mobile with powerful GPS capabilities. The handset could become indispensable to frequent travelers and globe trotters.

Nokia 6555 quite stunning in its looks.

The Nokia 6555 is a third generation (3G) mobile phone from brand Nokia that is making quite an impact on the consumer psyche across the world. The smooth back fold design of this WCDMA phone is quite attractive. The aesthetic appeal of this Nokia mobile makes it quite the perfect gadget for fashion savvy phone users. As a matter of fact, the classic design of the handset blends perfectly with a host of innovative features. An analog clock is featured in the external display – which makes the Nokia 6555 quite stunning in its looks.

The experience of using this high-end Nokia mobile is one of its k Nokia 6555 - Sleek looks. 3G capabilities.ind. One would love holding the handset - thanks to its smooth curves and ergonomic finish. A 16 million internal colour display guarantees brilliant images with great resolution.

This 3G phone comes with some very interesting multimedia capabilities as well. The handset comes with an in-built camera that can be used to capture impressive images without any trouble. A 6x zoom and a full screen portrait view finder makes for some very interesting shots; people who are not that much proficient in photography can also use this Nokia mobile and give a vent to their inherent creativity. In addition, one can use the advanced imaging capabilities of this handset to capture self portraits and record video clips. The captured videos can then be shared with other people - at the click of a few keys. This Nokia mobile phone also comes with an integrated media player and users with a passion for music and fun are not disappointed as well.

30 MB of expandable user memory and Bluetooth connectivity are the other key features of this Nokia mobile. The Nokia 6555 mobile phone comes in four colours that include red, black, sand gold and silver. A potential user can choose any depending on his specific tastes and preferences.

Nokia 6086 – Seamless Connectivity, Excellent Performance, Stunning Looks & More!

Now you can enjoy using the latest EDGE & WLAN technology with the compact Nokia 6086 mobile handset. The flip-open mechanism of this awesome handset lets you quickly & easily accesses the phone's features. The 6086 is a very sleek handset and looks incredibly gorgeous in the silver & black fa├žades. The handset measures 92 mm x 46 mm x 23 mm. The internal & external display of this handset lets you view information and your favourite content when in both flip-open & flip-closed position.

Its black and white 1” external display lets you view information about the caller such as the caller identity while your phone is in the flip-closed position, whereas the internal display which measure 1.8” shows upto 262, 000 colours. The 6086 has an internal keypad with a navigation tool and soft keys. The handset comes with an in-built memory to let you store information upto 5 MB. If required, the memory can be expanded upto 2 GB with the help of a MicroSD card that can be inserted in the memory card slot. The 6086 weighs merely 84 g, hence one can carry it with ease.

Up to 240 hrs of standby & 5 hrs of talk-time is provided by the fully-charged battery of this phone. This Bluetooth enabled phone can be easily connected to other Bluetooth-compatible-devices.

Features such as the FM radio & digital music player are integrated to let you enjoy listening to your favourite music anytime. You can also download your favourite music on your nokia mobile. Enjoy playing music in the popular formats including MP3, AAC, MP4, eAAC+, and others. You can listen to your favourite music without disturbing others with the Nokia headset that comes with this phone.

Enjoy capturing your favourite pictures or videos with the dedicated camera and easy to use volume keys. The built-in camera comes with digital zoom facility to help you get a close-up shot every time you click it. You can store the images or videos in the expandable memory of the handset and also enjoy sharing them later with others via MMS. The messaging services included in the 6086 let you communicate with your family, friends and others without having to make a call. You can send audio messaging, IM, email, SMS and multimedia messaging and stay connected with others. The 6086 is truly an all in one handset for those who wish to carry their world with them.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blackberry Pearl 8120 - Ideal for work. Perfect for play.

There are very few mobile phone handsets are great for professional use. BlackBerry mobiles, for instance, fall into this category. As a matter of fact, the high end capabilities of these handsets have made them the perfect office accessories - indispensable for enhancing productivity at work. Busy professionals and corporate executives have benefited from using Blackberry mobile phones in more ways than one. However, this time around the brand has been concentrating on increasing its customer base. The Blackberry Pearl 8120 is a result of endeavors in this direction. The handset is targeted at a wider base of customers from diverse backgrounds. As a matter of fact, young adults and college going kids are showing a lot of interest in this BlackBerry mobile phone.

All the business features that are present in other BlackBerry mobile phones are present in this one also. Users can open and use documents in Word, Excel and Power Point. Moreover, other Windows based services are also available. However, this is not all. The multimedia capabilities of the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 are equally amazing.

The Pearl 8120 mobile phone comes with an integrated 2 mega-pixel digital camera that is perfect for capturing images as well as recording video clips. Users can upload their images and video clips to social networking sites; pre-installed software in this mobile phone makes this possible. The Blackberry Pearl 8120 is also empowered with Wi-Fi connectivity and one can use the handset to access the internet.

To make a connection with the younger set of mobile phone users, the Blackberry Pearl 8120 comes with embedded games with interesting formats and engaging game plays as well. The navigation system is easy to use - which make the Pearl 8120 very user friendly. Music options are present; and the messaging services are quite exhaustive. Other lifestyle features such as standard calendar, alarm, and phone book make this mobile very versatile in the way in which it can be used. It can be said that the Blackberry Pearl 8120 is a mobile phone that is perfect for both work and play.

LG KE850 Prada - A fashionably fantastic phone!

The handset has a unique elegant touch and feel in its design. This sleek handset is just 12mm in depth and weighs only 86 gms which makes it easy to slip in the pocket. Its 3 inch color display offers a high screen resolution of 240x 400 pixels with a LCD touch screen. It uses macromedia flash user interface which makes mobile usage easy.

The LG KE850 Prada enables you to take great pictures with its built in camera with Schneider Kreuznach lens .The 2 mega pixel camera along with an LED flash, 4x zoom ensures you get the most awesome pictures. The video recording facility helps you capture, save and share your dearest videos on your fashionable handset. The handset provides facility to play video in various formats like MPEG4, H263 and H264 video.

With the LG KE850 Prada you can send emails, store and receive them no matter where you are. Stay connected with your dear ones with SMS, MMS and emails, stylishly with your stylish phone. The sleek Prada phone offers an unbelievable music experience with a music player which supports MP3, AAC, and WMA & RealAudio sound. Complete your style statement with the latest lively ringtones as this phone supports Mp3 and polyphonic ring tones.

The LG Prada enables you to connect hassle free with Bluetooth® wireless technology, The EDGE technology ensures speedy data transfers and offers you fast download. With the KE 850 Prada you can view all your important documents as it offers a document viewer that opens files with all popular documents formats including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & Adobe Acrobat files.

The LG KE850 Prada has 8 MB of memory and an expandable memory facility. With approximately 300 hours of standby battery time and 3 hours of talktime you can enjoy long talks. The KE850 makes you feel awesome every time you use it.

LG KE970 Shine PAYG

Samsung E740- Keeps you rocking

Samsung E740 is a compact phone, which opens up with a groovy slide action and can make you dance to your favourite tunes. Its windows media player compatible phone enthralls you with great music day and night. Bundled with great features, this phone is simply rapture inside your pocket.

This Samsung phone opens with a trendy slide-up action and offers great music features. Its efficient music player supports (MP3, AAC, and AAC+, e-AAC +, MPEG 4 /, WMA music formats. This mobile marvel measures 97 x 46 x 16.8 mm and weighs 92.5g. With a 2 mega pixel camera (5x zoom) you can shoot great videos and take amazing pictures. Pictures come alive on its 262,144 Color TFT screen. With your cool phone you can print pictures using its living world and photo printing features.

The Samsung e740 comes with Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity which helps you share file instantly without any hassle. This phone is GPRS enabled and using EDGE technology you can easily connect with the web. You can Surf the internet with its WAP browser and HTML support.

With mp3 and over 64 polyphonic channels in ring tones you can make your handset ring in your own style. This phone is java enabled, so you can download cool games and enjoy. Many mobile phone comes with the feature of contact diary or contact book having the efficiency of keeping hundreds records, but Samsung E740 comes with a 10000 contact phone book and a photo-call feature. It has 30 mb of shared memory and has facility for expandable memory.

The phone has inbuilt Fm radio and helps you record the favorite tunes the station is playing with a simple click. The songs play uninterruptedly while you use your phone. It comes with over180 new releases preloaded for samples and also helps you track the charts on FM radio.

The Samsung E740 is surely a great phone to keep you rocking and entertain always.

Sony Ericsson K850i- Simply Scintillating.

This cool phone is trendy and stylish with its candy bar form factor, weighing 118 grams. It has a Bluetooth, large 2.2-inch crystal bright display , high speed internet connection, an FM radio, 5 megapixel camera (with a video calling camera), 40MB expandable memory and a special software populate Track Id that helps you identify the songs and new music .

The K850i has amazing a Cybershot camera with great features like anti-blur technology, image stabiliser, red eye reduction technique, a Xenon flash. You can take the best pictures in the easiest way with the k850i. While the photofix takes care of the light balance to make pictures amazing, The BestPic feature allows you to take great pictures of a moving object with facility of clicking 9 pictures in a burst and then choosing the best one .The revolutionary auto-rotate feature displays the picture in the correct aspect- landscape or portrait. With the K850i you’ll love taking pictures; you can share your best pictures on your blog with everyone around. The PictBridge feature helps you print your pictures right from your mobile phone.

The Sony Ericsson K850i comes with the fast internet connectivity with 3G broadband which makes you enjoy great video calls, video streaming, internet surfing, messaging and emails. The fast data transfer speed up to 384kbps gives you an unbelievable internet experience. It provides you a great multimedia experience from music to video. Enjoy great music along with your slide shows all on your cool K850i phone.

The K850I comes with 40 mb of storage and the smallest memory card available (memory sticks with up to 1 GB of storage). When you want good music just switch on to the cool music features of the K850i. The music tunes, Bluetooth media player along withPlayNow and TrackID features make you experience the magic of music.

The Sony Ericsson K850I gives you an awe-inspiring splendor.

Nokia 6300- Enjoy the ecstasy

The 6300 comes with a fully charged battery, up to 3.5 hours of talk-time and a standby time of upto 348 hours. It has a built- in memory of 7.8 Mbytes and a 128 Mbytes MicroSD™ memory card that is included in the phone's start- up kit. The user can expand the memory of the mobile phone up to 2 Gbytes using additional MicroSD™ memory cards, for further of wanted data.

The model also has a USB connection that is capable of connecting to any USB compatible device. The EDGE technology accessible in the handset ensures a high speed data transfer for the user to enjoy. Moreover 6300 is also equipped with tri -band technology which works over GSM 900/1800/1900 and provides network coverage over the majority of the United States and Europe.

The Nokia 6300 mobile handset is equipped with a large 2 inch screen that provides upto 16.7 million colours on a TFT QVGA type display and with a highly usable and attractive stainless steel keypad, giving a stunning look to the mobile. It weighs around 91 grams and is 106.4X43.6X11.7mm in dimensions, fairly slim and light-weight. The various messaging services include instant messaging, audio messaging, multimedia messaging and emails with attachment. The Nokia Phone has a highly usable and attractive stainless steel keypad.

In the handset there is an integrated 5 mega pixel digital camera with 8x digital zoom that can capture fleeting moments and give quality optics and allow the users to get up close personal desired shot.

The handset is also possesses 3GPP video player/recorder, Bluetooth and MIDP Java 2.0 with additional Java AIPs. The Nokia also features Macromedia Flash Lite 2.0 for interactive users to experience with video, audio, and graphics. The user can also entertain himself with the music player, FM stereo radio, audio and graphics.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Nokia 6288 a truly majestic bluetooth technology invention!

The Nokia 6288 cellular phone comes in a very attractive black or white casing with glossy finish, which adds a class to the modern look. Its user-friendly design is snug and compact in size. The handset with a dimension of 100 x 46 x 21 mm is easy to handle and slip into your little pockets. Its contemporary sleek style and grayscale polish is simple to operate with slider design. You may enjoy the QVGA screen even if the mobile is in closed mode. The wondrous display screen has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and proudly displays up to 262, 000 colors.

The 2-mega-pixel camera is digitally adept with photographic camera mode and flash features. The latest technology built-in music player helps you revel in great musical notes. The Nokia 6288 model has a hands-free speaker system, which allows you more advantage whilst you are driving or handling other chores. Text messaging as well as multimedia messaging is available. You may also use the handset like any other min-computer for surfing net or exchanging e-mails.

The advanced Bluetooth technology helps you for a wire-free connection, to listen stereo music from other compatible devices. You can also keep switching between melodies and attending to phone calls, the mobile automatically alerts you when you have a call in between your music session. The earplugs are large and comfy that covers your ears and also can be folded up for easy maintenance.

The other features like USB port connectivity and EDGE technicalities guarantees simple and faster transfer of data. The Nokia 6288 cellular phone has 6 megabytes of memory chip with mini SD card slot of 512 memory bytes. You may increase the memory using swappable memory modes. Voice features include voice dialing, voice commands, recording and hands-free speaker that is built-in. the battery is rechargeable with a shelf life of 280 hours on standby mode with 41/2 hours of non-stop talk time for GSM and 31/2 hours of available talk time for WCDMA.

In most of the Nokia stores you may get a package deal, which includes the 6288 handset, battery BP-6M, charger, Headset, mini SD card, connection cables, CD-ROM software and user manual. A truly majestic bluetooth technology invention-Nokia 6288!

Let's review of Nokia 6280.

LG U830 combines great aesthetics with innovative features

This stylish phone has been designed with great precision to offer impeccable utility to its users. This highly efficient handset gained popularity with its twin flip camera phone that supports 3G technology. It is a Pandora box filled with great features. It has great touch sensitive music controls and two TFT display screens with streaming options. You can enjoy great music on your phone with the built in media player that supports MP3, AAC, AAC+ formats and video files. With the high quality music player listen and cherish your favourite tunes and experience visual ecstasy on your phone’s display.

The LG U830 comes with a 2 mega pixel camera which makes you capture those enchanting moments of your life. Once you have clicked your pictures, you can also make all the desired changes with the help of your phone’s image editor feature. The phone is also loaded with a VGA camera, meant especially for video calling.

The phone provides great options for connectivity with its Bluetooth, USB and infrared features.
Its HDSPA Connectivity is a great lure for the internet users as it provides great options for web browsing and has several exciting internet applications like MSN messenger etc.

The U830 makes sure you never stay out of reach of the people around you with an uninterrupted and unparalleled connectivity as it supports the popular Tri-band GSM network and UMTS. The U850 offers great call quality and hiss free noise. It has a 2.2” 262k colour screen, which gives you crystal clear images and a battery that gives up to 2 hrs of talk time and 200hrs of standby time.

The U830 handset has abundant storage capacity, advanced security features and additional processing power with its Mega SIM card that enables services like: secure downloading of content, fullPIM functionality, audio and video clips , flexible DRM, including on-card rights management , storage of new applications for subscriber activation , MNO based personalisation and branding ,personal storage for user-generated content such as large phone directories and high-resolution photos the ability to customise services based on subscriber tastes and habits.

The LG U830 combines great aesthetics with innovative features. It doesn’t only look good; it’s great in performance too.

LG KG800 Chocolate : Best amalgamation of style

The LG KG800 Chocolate is the most stylish phone with its absolutely innovative and impressive design. This phone with its stunning form factor is bundled with great features and impeccable look. A slim and light phone that helps you makes an everlasting impression

The phone is truly an innovation in the handset designs with a camouflaged touch pad,n which shows only when in use. The unique design highlights the stunning handset with a red glow. The LG KG800 chocolate is not just good in looks but in touch as well .With its premium fibre glass material, it’s a joy to hold in hand. Its revolutionary touch pad responds to warm touch and ensures your phone does not get activated when inside your pocket.

The phone opens up with a tactile slide action that reveals its hidden LCD display. The LCD display has high resolution and 256k colours that provide great quality display. The phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera with a built in flash and 4x zoom. The multi-shot facility gives you a chance to capture pictures and select the perfect one.
With its built in video facility you can shoot, store and share your best moments and save them in the gallery.

With its multi-codec support for MP3, WMA, and AAC files and 6 built-in EQ settings you can listen to great music anywhere, anytime. You can store upto 40 MP3 tracks on your chocolate handset. The handset offers various features like Bluetooth connectivity, GSM and facility to browse the internet with a WAP browser.

LG KG800 Chocolate is just the best amalgamation of style and utility that will leave you elated.