Monday, May 14, 2007

Blackberry 8800: Performance enhanced.

It’s like a dream coming true for all those busy professionals, who always try to stay ahead of their times. Anything less than a compatible business phone would mean nothing for such people. The Blackberry 8800 is right here to be your compatible pal to let you take good care of all the important things – in the easiest possible way. All the right things are very well stuffed up in the Blackberry 8800 from a full QWERTY keyboard, trackball, swift Internet and email access with built in location system to work as your perfect guide during those long travels. Really, this dynamic performer has it all to assist you like a dedicated business assistant.

The Blackberry 8800 has been very well designed to serve various purposes to elevate your mobile life. Like a sound guide, the Blackberry 8800 helps you to have a prior map of any location or anywhere, you want to go. Its inbuilt GPS system shows the pinpoint location and easily tracks your route to help you reach anywhere you want to go, without hassles. Moreover, you can also send its maps to various users via email. Besides that there are other illustrating features to assist you well such as conference calling feature, speed dialling call forwarding, smart dialling, and ring tones. Moreover, it also comes with VAD or voice activated dialling, which helps its speakers to recognise the voice of the callers.

You can also use your Blackberry 8800 with car kits and hands -free headsets. It is also loaded with a USB port, headset and travel charger – to give you all the options you want. With its swift Internet service, you can easily manage your ten business and personal email accounts. Its diligently designed software easily supports various sorts of software to allow you hoard all your favourite stuff for better compatibility. It also comes with various information services comprising of email, text messaging, Internet and superb PDA applications. With so much to offer in the easiest possible way, the Blackberry 8800 emerges as a dynamic performer, which surely gives you more than enough options.

Blackberry 8800, BlackBerry Pearl 8100, BlackBerry 7130G.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Nokia 6080: Austerity Attracts

The Nokia 6080 phone is characterized by unparalleled ergonomics. The handset is a candybar. It disavows complex mechanisms, yet continues to spell its charm. Handsets are available in two colours – sleek black and classy gold. Each shade is distinguished and graceful. Breeding serviceable features the phone stands impressive.

The mien of the Nokia 6080 phone is accentuated by a TFT display and a set of keys etched in a keypad. A large scroll button is placed at the top of the keypad to ease menu navigation. The handset is convenient to handle as it weighs a mere 91 grams and measures 18.6 mm in thickness. The phone hosts display flash. In this the screen flashes missed call alerts and reminders set by the users at relevant moments.

The Nokia 6080 phone facilitates messaging besides standard telecommunication. It supports Text Messaging, Multimedia Messaging, Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging, Instant Messaging, and Email. Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging is a sui generis feature. It can be used to send voice messages over MMS. The process is expeditious and the feature par excellence.

An integrated VGA camera enables imaging. It is capable of capturing still pictures and video clips. The latter can be run on a Video Player. More images and video clips can be imported by availing any of the connectivity options. The Nokia 6080 phone supports Infra Red, USB, Pop Port, and SyncML Data Synchronization. The last feature establishes compatibility between the phone and other devices to permit data traffic between them.

The Nokia 6080 phone provides XHTML browser. EDGE and HSCSD are technologies responsible for expediting internet access and data transfer. The phone commands elaborate music functionality. It has an in-built FM Stereo accompanied by an AMR Audio Nokia Headset. The phone is amenable to a gamut of ring tone types. These include MP3 tones/songs, True Tones, MIDI and polyphonic tunes.

Housing Games for entertainment, Organizer for office, and other features, the Nokia 6080 phone balances the austerity of its aspect with the richness of its features.