Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Motorola W208 proves to be contemporary in style and technology

These days Motorola is a brand that is well known in the mobile phone market. It is only because of the consistent effort of every one dealing with this brand. Still, the brand is endeavouring its best to deliver better. Perhaps, it is a reason why it has been successful to compete in the mobile phone market. Another reason that makes this brand enjoy a certain folk of consumers is its quality. As motorola mobiles is typically equipped with user friendly functions it is always contemporary.

Motorola W208 is a compact set that comes in a classic shape. It is available in red and silver. It has been designed in a way that helps users enjoy during leisure and work as well. Besides the common basics applications it has got many other facilities. It weights 78 grams and it is 14.9mm in thickness. Thus, it helps users to carry it easily in their pockets. Its screen provides 65k colours and has a 128 x 128 pixel screen resolution. The wall paper and screen saver can be changed by users to suit their taste. Its screen helps user to get information regarding the battery life and signal strength which is always on display. This mobile phone functions on a dual band network and it automatically switches between GSM 900 and GSM 1800. The standby of its battery is about 300 hours which provides talk time up to 7 hrs 50 min.

The FM radio in-build in it entertains the users with music features on the move. It can be relished with either the speaker system or stereo headset. Motorola W208 is available with a 2.5 mm headset jack that helps users connect their set with other set of headphones. Users can have access to music, news and weather reports via radio stations of their choice on the FM. Its changeable ring tones can be heard in polyphonic sound. The user can add their creativity to its ring tones with the composer equipped with it.

It also aids users to get vibration alert with the vibration alert facility. This particular feature can be enjoyed with a ring tone or without it. Users can also enjoy the loaded games during leisure. The calender feature in Motorola W208 is equipped with events reminder facility. It helps users to remind themselves of appointments, birthdays, holidays or any other dates or occasions. The phone book feature helps users store contacts details and update or delete them as well. The maximum number it can store is 200. This mobile phone has alarm clock, a calculator and a stop watch features to help user in times of their typical needs. The v-card feature in it helps users keep track of their work colleagues.

A good news regarding Motorola W208 is its easy availability at industry leading costs. Network service providers are offering contract deals on the use of the mobile handset. As such it has become easy to make the most of these deals and acquire this handset and enjoy the interesting options that come with it.

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