Tuesday, July 15, 2008

WiFi Mobile Phone--A very good phone

From the very early age of my life I am a big fan of technologies. I do love the latest and innovative technology-enabled gadgets. For the last few years I am using my world-class feature rich mobile phone. This handset offers me all my desirable features like a good music player, a high-quality camera etc. By getting into the professional life I felt the need of faster connectivity technology, which my mobile was incapable to provide. Then I began searching about the Wi-Fi Mobile Phones and the information about them.

I came to know that the “Wi-Fi” is an wireless technology with IEEE standard for wireless Local Area Network set-up. Among all my friends and collogues this technology has become one of the most popular technology for the wireless communication in LAN. I think with the burgeoning demand of wireless network nowadays it is a necessity to manufacture such a mobile phone by which one could be able to communicate between two nodes using the same wireless network. Nowadays the mobile phone manufacturers have also introduces the Wi-Fi network capability to several handsets. Some of these mobile phones are equipped with the feature of making call via a combination of voice over internet protocol and Wi-Fi technology. I also came to know that there are some mobile handsets out there in the global market which uses Skype or Vonage technology for their voice over IP service such as the Belkin and Netgear WiFi phones.

To be very clear, I would say that the Wi-Fi Mobile phones are those handsets which are equipped with this latest technology. In the global marketplace there are numerous models are available with this technology. By having this innovative and very useful feature, I think the users will get the ultimate enjoyment of wireless connectivity with other compatible devices with a great ease.

In addition, the users also get thrilled by having the advantage of transferring and sharing their multimedia contents like the captured photo, music, video and several other contents with their friends and relatives at a faster pace. Now almost all mobile phone manufactures situated in the paradigm position such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung etc. are offering people this very advanced and highly useful feature with their handsets.

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